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What is DARVIS?

DARVIS is a patented, virtual mapping application that combines AI, computer vision and data management to resolve inefficiencies in your operation, and even identify issues you didn't know you had.

Trained on your specific workplace using your existing network of cameras, DARVIS puts your business into a state of continuous improvement from the moment you activate it. Empowering you to see, know and act in more targeted and effective ways than ever before.

It's operational accountability for the modern era.

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DARVIS technology is improving operations across a wide range of industries.

Imagine what it could do in yours.

This is remarkable from an economic point of view, and is also relevant for the quality of care.

– Dr. Klaus Herrlinger, ASKLEPIOS

It's almost like taking the Tesla approach to healthcare technology management. Electric cars are one of the few cars you can drive off the lot and continuously upgrade.

– Nate Yuen, University of Miami

Probably the most responsive, technically capable team I've ever worked with on all my projects. You don't see that often enough.

– Scott Wilker, USPS

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Founded in the US in 2015, DARVIS is now located in the tech hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a place where innovation meets history. "Where revolutionary ideas are part of the city's DNA!".

Together, the team in the US and Germany are using their expertise in virtual mapping to map out the category of operational accountability - an entirely new use case for AI and computer vision that is creating a generational leap in business operations.

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