Artificial Intelligence Meets Data Visualization
for Continous Process Improvement
A multi-platform delivery service, using world-class technologies.
Giving objects and rooms a voice.
DARVIS employs state-of-the-art AI like machine learning,
immersive data and advanced computer vision
to capture and decode the real-world.
Getting started is easy:
Connect your existing surveillance cameras or IoT sensors to the platform and upload a ground plan with a few clicks in minutes. Define your ‘areas of interest.’
Use DARVIS intuitive interface to see real-time actions, pull up historical data, analyze and filter out the information you need.
Know immediately what metrics you can access and how your business can benefit from them.
Artificial Intelligence at its Best
DARVIS uses computer vision to turn surveillance videos into useful data. It combines data from different camera angles, anonymizes recognized humans in real-time, and detects patterns by analyzing a range of factors (e.g., timing, and operation plans).
Digital Twin on your Web Browser, Tablet, and Smartphone for improved Data Visualization.
DARVIS analyzes and monitors business processes in real-time. When something sparks interest in your data story and requires a closer look, simply click on any data object to drill down a level deeper.
Smart algorithms transform complex layers of data into
an accurate representation of the business operation,
also known as a digital twin.
DARVIS™ combines state-of-the-art technologies to deliver outstanding results.
Computer Vision
It makes sense of digital images and videos in real time.
Machine Learning
It “learns” with more data and improves algorithms automatically.
It works with standard surveillance camera infrastructure and/or millimeter-wave sensors.
DARVIS increases visibility within the stages of care
Leading to better in-house logistics and documentation
DARVIS identifies suspicious behaviors and threats
DARVIS improves the overall safety of public spaces and private facilities.