Maximize productivity with DARVIS AI and computer vision.

We empower cameras to turn the real world into useful data stored on our custom dashboard.

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Logistics and Retail

Logistics and Retail

Optimize resources, identify inefficiencies, reduce waste and increase output with with Inventory Autopilot

Security and Defense

Security and Defense

Identify, monitor, mitigate and have complete visibility of threats in your facility with DARVIS Shield

Autopilot for Nurses and staff

Providing ultimate visibility so staff can focus on what matters the most - excellent patient care.

Explore the features below!

Hospital Bed Tracking
Complete visibility into hospital bed location and status.
Minimize patient wait time and streamline check-in process.
Ensure patients are transported efficiently and with the highest hygiene standards.
Track, monitor and send custom notifications to staff regarding the location and status (clean, unclean, occupied etc.) of the bed.

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