DARVIS Shield: Saves lives by turning any space into a protected space.
Intelligence delivered.
Every year, thousands of people are killed or injured by mass shootings or incidents of violence in public spaces and private facilities. DARVIS Shield is here to save lives by supporting security personnel and police in the threat detection and the prevention of such events.
Detailed analysis of video and sensor streams in real time.
Automated control measurements to prevent incidents.
Launched using state or private funding.
Protecting Spaces
DARVIS can be plugged and played with existing cameras and sensors.
DARVIS turns any space into a protected space, keeping an eye on the situation continuously. It detects different types of threats like weapons, panic or mass movement, or any other undesired event in real-time.
Inform & Update
DARVIS informs task forces about potential threats, including suspects and their exact location, as well as injured people requiring immediate attention. Task forces are always on top of the situation thanks to continuous updates from the platform.
Check & Control
Task forces can now validate the situation, get information about the best escaping routes and the status of potential victims.
DARVIS Features
Threat Analysis & Weapon Detection

DARVIS analyzes situations and detects threatening behavior in real-time. In addition, it can detect several types of weapons such as guns or knives from different angles in different scenes from surveillance footage and even with low-lighting conditions. Once any suspicious behavior or a weapon is detected, your staff will immediately receive a notification, including the location of the suspect.

People Flow & Contextual Analysis

DARVIS can distinguish individuals and their behavior from the crowd. Once panic is triggered, it sends an instant notification to your security personnel. It also supports your team in keeping an eye on people flow and sends contextual analysis to your staff to get a grip on the situation.

Real-time Communication & Situational Awareness

With the DARVIS App, you have the control in your hand. It informs you in real-time about the current situation. It sends an instant notification about a potential threat, people involved, and the exact location of the event. Additionally, it displays possible escape routes. It allows you to take action, such as opening/closing doors or triggering an alarm, which helps people in charge to react immediately and speed up law enforcement.

Each life matters. This is why DARVIS is designed to support any public space and private facilities, such as educational institutions, subways, and train stations or hotels. It protects spaces at a low cost and effort to turn every area into a protected space.
GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • DARVIS takes the data protection of individuals seriously. It works with anonymous real-time monitoring to ensure that no individual is associated with personal data.
  • It does not store video files or other personal information and is fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.
  • It connects more surveillance cameras or IoT sensors to a centralized platform without breaking the system.
  • It has a superior data processing power that is unachievable by humans.
Low Upfront Investment & Running Costs
  • It uses existing surveillance cameras, with the option to add millimeter-wave sensors—the cheapest sensors available.
  • Its algorithms continuously and automatically improve every day, increasing efficiency.
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