Empower hospitals to improve
processes in real-time
Increase your revenue, cut your costs and reduce risks of healthcare-associated infections with the help of DARVIS™.
Intelligence delivered.
DARVIS™ is designed to optimize in-house logistics through
intra-logistical-protocols, using computer vision
and deep learning.
Live analysis and insights into hospital operations.
Intuitive user interface and smart recommendations on web and mobile.
Guaranteed deletion of video footage, no personal info derived.
DARVIS features
Bed Logistics

DARVIS™ takes care that patients are transported efficiently and with the highest hygiene standards. It tracks whether a bed is available or not and sends out notifications to the staff via the app. In doing so, it reduces the clogging of elevators and hallways with unclean or unused beds.

Inventory tracking

DARVIS™ keeps track of available devices and special transport equipment and monitors the exact location of them. Search devices via the app to optimize device utilization within your health institution.

Hygiene Logistics

DARVIS™ understands surface usage and cleaning within your health institution. It checks the cleaning performance and sends out notifications in case of insufficient cleaning.

Hygiene Procedure

DARVIS™ monitors behavioral patterns of patient and stall and sends out notifications if hygiene procedures are violated, such as cleaning the hands.

DARVIS™ Whitepaper

Download our DARVIS™ for Healthcare whitepaper to obtain detailed insights on how DARVIS™ can help your health institution.

DARVIS™ runs according to high data protection regulations.
It captures every little detail with low costs
and effort for your institution.
Labour Union and GDPR compliant
  • It does not save or record video data
  • Its abstract visualization ensures that none of your patients and employees is associated with personal data
  • It works with anonymous real-time monitoring and geo localization technology
Infinite scalability
  • It connect more surveillance cameras or IoT sensors to the platform without breaking the system
  • It has a superior data processing power that is achievable by humans
Low upfront investment & ongoing costs
  • It uses existing surveillance cameras, with the option to add millimeter wave sensors – the cheapest sensors available
  • Its algorithms continuously and automatically improve everyday, increasing efficiency
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