Press Release: Artificial Intelligence (AI) protects against Sars-CoV-2 (April 9th, 2020)

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April 9th, 2020

Quick checks for infection prophylaxis

Source: DARVIS Inc.

Hamburg: The computer vision company DARVIS is developing rapid hygiene checks to reliably protect hospital staff against possible infection with the new Sars-CoV-2 and other potentially dangerous pathogens: Using optical sensors, artificial intelligence in virtual sluice ensures that protective clothing, such as protecting the mouth and nose from the hectic pace of hospital operations correctly and completely, and other hygiene measures such as hand disinfection are being carried out correctly.

Healthcare workers are one of the most valuable resources in our society – we have never been more aware of this than we are now. Providing doctors, nurses and other helpers with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) is the least we can do. Supporting them in ensuring that the PPE is used correctly, even in the hectic pace of hospital operations, creates additional security.“everyone who works on the front line every day to save lives is entitled to security,” says DARVIS CEO Jan-Philipp Mohr. Together with the Asklepios Klinik Nord in Hamburg and the Vinzenzkrankenhaus Hannover, DARVIS starts an initiative at the Hamburg location in the Health Innovation Port (HIP) of Philips to relieve the strain on doctors and nurses and to create additional security. The Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH also supports this initiative in networking with other cooperation partners from the Hamburg ecosystem.

The partner clinics help the AI ​​developer to quickly pilot and test appropriate hygiene checkpoints. The first quick check for the correct application of PPE should be available as early as May: Optical sensors that serve as eyes for artificial intelligence (computer vision) are placed as virtual sluices in front of the areas that can only be entered with PPE allowed to. The appropriately trained AI checks here whether the protective clothing is properly seated. Their decisions, which are both competent and quick, are based on the WHO guidelines for dealing with Sars-CoV-2. The “DARVIS AI” only gives the green light to optimally protected people. Others pointed out moments of danger: That, for example, the face mask was not put on properly or the headgear was forgotten. The DARVIS software converts image recordings into 3D objects that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the respective user. This means that the program “works” with absolute discretion and GDPR compliance. The good hygiene spirit creates only anonymized data. The AI ​​supports action without taking the person involved into account and is very quick to learn to ensure that hospital staff also protect their hands and other important infection protection measures. In order to fill the AI ​​software with data, the Asklepios Klinik Nord in Hamburg provides the software company with rooms that are not currently being used for testing.DARVIS employees can thus simulate the use of protective clothing under real conditions and thus “train” the software. “We are pleased to be taking the step towards further digitization in the hospital together with DARVIS. In the future, we would like to further relieve our colleagues with the new quick hygiene checks. The health of our employees is important to us. By supporting the development of the new technology, we would like to make a further contribution to reliably protecting it, ”emphasizes the Managing Director of Asklepios Klinik Nord, Dr. Ulrich Knopp.

About Darvis

DARVIS, which stands for “Data Analytics Real-World Visual Information System”, uses state-of-the-art, patented Artificial Intelligence-powered technology to give rooms and objects a voice, enabling spaces to strategically communicate, by analyzing optical sensors to provide contextual insights that enable hospitals and care facilities to build and manage safe and optimal flows of medical equipment and services—all fully anonymized. Has been developing software products for 5 years, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence and simplification through visualization. Active for international companies such as Airbus, MAN, Messe Berlin, Elisabeth Vinzenzgruppe and the Asklepios Group. The company, with its headquarters in San Francisco and an office in Hamburg, supports in particular customers from the hospital and care environment in intra-logistical optimization, as well as companies in the pursuit and improvement of hygiene protocols for the purpose of infection prevention. DARVIS was founded by Jan-Philipp Mohr, Ingo Nadler, Jan Schlüter in January 2015 in San Francisco. The team consists of over 30 employees at the locations San Francisco, Boston, Hamburg, and Islamabad.


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