A commitment to see better and comprehend more
Giving objects and rooms a voice.
The story of DARVIS
DARVIS, which stands for “Data Analytics Real-World Visual Information System”, uses state-of-the-art, patented Artificial Intelligence-powered technology to give rooms and objects a voice, enabling spaces to strategically communicate, by analyzing optical sensors to provide contextual insights that enable hospitals and care facilities to build and manage safe and optimal flows of medical equipment and services—all fully anonymized.

DARVIS was established in early 2015 by Philipp Mohr, Ingo Nadler, and Jan Schlüter in the Heart of San Francisco. Our clients include leading hospitals, retail chains, and public sector organizations globally.

We have received funding from top venture capitalists like Anthem Venture Partners, Metatron Global, Meerkat Office, THB Capital, VMR Capital, VCO Ventures, WSGR, and multiple family offices.

DARVIS participated in Founderspace in San Francisco in August 2015, we got selected among >600 companies into Plug & Play Logistics & Supply Chain Batch 6 in January 2020. We also got invited into the HIP (Health Innovation Port)- founded by Philips in Hamburg in November 2019 with our German subsidiary.
Plug&Play Tech Center Sunnyvale Foundersspace San Francisco Health Innovation Port - founded by Philips in Hamburg
We carry out our research and development with extraordinary partners
DARVIS partnered with IRI(Intelligence Research Institute), STOPS (Strategic Operations Inc) and CICS (Center for Information Convergence and Strategy) in San Diego to validate our technology in applied use-cases in the security and healthcare space.

Jan-Philipp Mohr
Co-Founder & CEO
Jan Schlüter
Co-Founder & COO
Ingo Nadler
Co-Founder & CTO, Head of DARVIS Labs
Paul Warren
VP of Product & AI Team Lead
Salman Hijazi
Country Manager PK
Sabeeh Zaidi
Frontend Lead
Brian Earp
Software Lead
Pete Buletza
Architecture Lead
Investors and Advisors
PhD Petr Johanes
Board Member
PhD Akshay Pottathil
Board Advisor
Robert Grimm
Board Advisor
Arne Schuemann
Board Advisor
Klaus-Peter Stegen
Board Advisor
Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Herrlinger
Medical Board Advisor
Prof. Dr. med. Stephan El Gammal
Medical Board Advisor
Prabhjit Singh Sarna
Charles Matranga
Anthem Venture Partners
Meerkat Office
THB Capital (VCO)
WSGR Ventures
Multiversum AG
Metatron Venture Capital
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Jury of Eco-Internet Award 2016
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