A mission to see more and understand more
Intelligence delivered.
Decoding the world into useful information to make it more efficient
and safer through real-time analytics.
New technologies allow companies to capture more data through all kinds of sources and sensors. We seek to build that bridge to the story behind data. Therefore, we created DARVIS™ (Data Analytics Real-World Visual Intelligence System), an AI-powered real-world analytics platform that is designed to support managers and decision makers to cope with the amount of data gathered every day. It translates situations from surveillance cameras and sensors into real-time analytics, using computer vision and deep learning.
The story of DARVIS
DARVIS™ was founded in early 2015 by Jan-Philipp Mohr, Ingo Nadler and Jan Schlüter in the Bay area. Our team’s background spans from game development, 3D animation, stereography, computer engineering and computer vision, investment banking, data science, and robotics. We have received funding from top venture capitalists like Metatron Global, IVA Ventures, VMR Capital, VCO Ventures, WSGR and others. We also participated in Founderspace in San Francisco in August 2015. After a few years of learning and reiterating, DARVIS™ has found a focus on using computer vision to help businesses -in healthcare and retail - optimize their operations.
Our Team
Jan-Philipp Mohr
Founder – CEO
Co-founder of a big data solution for retailers, mentor at Founderspace, Advisor for Family Offices on high-tech and media M&A, Expert in VR&AR, AI and Visualization, holds a degree in Business at University of Kent
Jan Schlüter
Founder – COO
18+ years sales and marketing experience, CSO and Co-founder of Mediakraft Networks (exit to Gamigo), Prior Managing Director at Digital Performance Marketing Group, MBA in Marketing and Business from Nordakademie, Elmshorn
Ingo Nadler
Founder – CTO
Has an vast experience in computer graphics and gaming products (ET400, ELSA 3D REVELATOR), Founder of invaZion stereoscopic short film challenge, Founder of 3doo, a platform for independent producer to distribute and monetize stereoscopic content.
Paul Warren
Head of AI
Pete Buletza
Head of Software Architecture
Salman Hijazi
Project Lead
Investors and Advisors
Prabhjit Singh Sarna
Petr Johanes
Board Member
Akshay Pottathil
Board Advisor
Robert Grimm
Board Advisor
Klaus-Peter Stegen
Board Advisor
Arne Schümann
Board Advisor
Charles Matranga
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